I've really taken to time lapse, due mostly to the ease and versatility of a certain sport camera.

Away From The Pavements

4372 miles, and almost 5000 frames a day for nine days. Using my recently purchased GoPro, and a hand full of DIY mounts, I set out across I90. Destination, Boise... and everywhere in between!

It's So Pink!

BTS: The making of the photo booth background for the alternative fashion show Drauma.

Check out the show!

Westward, Ho!

Drauma Backdrop Prep

Glow Party

Glow partying seems to be on the rise. I attended one in June to see what it was all about, and find out if I enjoyed the challenges of photographing in the dark. I'd do it again.

For Independence!

Red White & Boom! is Columbus, Ohio's fourth of July celebration. This year, I got to see it from 35 stories up.
No associated gallery with this one, I was too busy enjoying the spectacle.

Glow Party

Red White & Boom!

A Ship Out Of Water

The Santa Maria, a floating landmark in Columbus, Ohio, was dismantled and removed in the course of riverfront development. I started the blog Photograph Columbus to deal with the historical changes that I've witnessed with my camera over the last seven years. Read more on the Santa Maria.


Trauma 2013 was filled with great performances. Slip on your sexiest October outfit, and catch them all again in a fraction of the time.

Or, if you're not down with the quickie, you can always take it slow through the gallery.

Santa Maria

Trauma 2013