Holiday Special: 2020 Dead To Me

Halloween is that booth making time of year...usually.  The pandemic has really cleaved the fat on event photography: canceled events, events deferred, and dwindling attendances all around.

To make up for the creative rush I'm used to riding, I decided to do little open air pop-up booth on Friday, October 30 from 7-9pm. I even gave it a theme that I think most people could rally behind.

'Til next time!

Lots of crazy things happen in a booth: loss of decorum, increased absurdity, presidential assassinations by a Booth...

I'll be shooting you too, but not from behind (unless you turn around at the last second, which has happened). Occasional butt shot notwithstanding, the photo booth experience is wildly entertaining.

I bring the lights, and the energy of interaction, not a basket of hats and mustaches. People make the photos awesome, not ubiquitous props. That said, with a little creativity, pretty much anything that can be found at your event could be used as a prop. centerpiece, buffet item, someone else.

One more thing. There are no curtains to hide behind. Everyone can see what you're doing. Don't be shy, they're up next. A bortmasphoto.booth is set up like a Step and Repeat, you know, those logo emblazoned backdrops most commonly seen with celebrities in front of them.

DIY! If the space is available, I can also incorporate part of your party's decor. The Frequinox and Cosmic Cavern backdrops were spaces decorated by the event planners, and designated as booth.

However, if you'd like something custom, such as Drauma, I can accommodate. Let's talk details!

For a quote, please send some party specs to

p.s. Because of the frenetic nature of many of the events I shoot, I do not print on site. I'm connected to a monitor, so the guests may view their images almost instantly. High res photos may be downloaded from the gallery link provided, or images purchased directly through the integrated shopping cart.


The following gallery is a collection of themed backdrops I've created over the years. Most of these scenes are 9 feet tall by 12 ft wide